Altoona is the Largest Meta Data Center – WORLDWIDE!

Meta – previously known as Facebook – recently announced a final expansion at the Altoona Data Center. This final expansion will make the site the company’s largest operational data center WORLDWIDE! The expansion, which involves two new buildings, is projected to be completed in 2025. In total, the Altoona Meta Data Center will occupy moreContinue reading “Altoona is the Largest Meta Data Center – WORLDWIDE!”

Commercial Real Estate Definitions [GUIDE]

What Is Commercial Real Estate? Commercial real estate is property used exclusively for business-related purposes . As such, it provides a workspace rather than a living space. A property that provides a living space would instead constitute residential real estate. Commercial real estate properties are most often leased out to conduct income-generating activities. This realContinue reading “Commercial Real Estate Definitions [GUIDE]”

New Railroad Transfer Station to Come to Des Moines

With the construction of a new railroad transfer station Des Moines will be open to global markets! Des Moines has seized a “huge opportunity” according to Mayor Frank Cownie. Building a $15.6 million railroad transfer station will be a “boon” to the local economy. It is proposed to not only lower shipping costs but alsoContinue reading “New Railroad Transfer Station to Come to Des Moines”

Renovating School Sparks Creativity and Innovation

Des Moines is reinventing and repurposing! Schools are institutions that spark creativity and innovation. If plans come through, Franklin Junior High will embody both of those qualities. Jeff Young, owner of We Can Build It, has ideas to renovate the former Franklin Junior High School in a creative, innovative way — creating a mixed-use venueContinue reading “Renovating School Sparks Creativity and Innovation”