New Railroad Transfer Station to Come to Des Moines

With the construction of a new railroad transfer station Des Moines will be open to global markets!

Des Moines has seized a “huge opportunity” according to Mayor Frank Cownie. Building a $15.6 million railroad transfer station will be a “boon” to the local economy. It is proposed to not only lower shipping costs but also create new jobs.

The facility, a “railport,” will link Des Moines to destinations all across the country. It will be built along four rail lines on East Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway and will be a transfer point where materials move from semitrailers to trains. Companies with multiple railroads can save “up to 50% on shipping costs” indicates an MPO study. This will be a huge economic benefit as currently Des Moines’ existing facility is “limited” and central Iowa companies don’t have an option to ship using railroads.

Thanks to an $11.2 million U.S. Department of Transportation grant, the project could break ground as early as the end of 2019! According to David Maahs, executive vice president of economic development for the Greater Des Moines Partnership, the project enables Des Moines to “be competitive with other metropolitan areas in the Midwest.” Luke Schryver, vice president of business development for Green Products Company adds: “it will add another arrow to our quiver.”

Being located at the intersection of Highways 35 and 80, Des Moines is already a “trucking hub.” The railport will provide another option and “increase flexibility” for customers. Not only will it entice businesses to the area, it will also enable current businesses to expand. An added benefit is that it can also be used by the Iowa National guard to transport military equipment thereby lowering its transportation costs. 

This is a thrilling time for Des Moines and surrounding communities! Serving companies within a 150-mile radius, the railport has been projected to “benefit the entire region.”

I’d love to talk more about the exciting things Des Moines has to offer. Feel free to contact me about how your commercial real estate needs might be part of Des Moines’ growth and expansion into global markets.

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