Des Moines Industrial Transloading Facility

In 2021, the Des Moines Industrial Transloading Facility broke ground. The facility brings freight — by truck or rail — to a central location where it is placed into truckloads and then distributed. Construction is moving right along – the facility will be fully operational by early 2022. 

The 31-acres site has direct access to Iowa Interstate Railroad, Norfolk Southern Railroad, and BNSF Railroad. It is the “premier rail-based transportation hub in Iowa.” The facility, located one mile off the intersection of Interstates 35 and 80, is a logistics “park” where bulk materials are transported between semi-trailers and trains – and back again. The transportation facility will provide “flexibility and reduced shipping costs” that will benefit businesses and consumers to the tune of over $10,000,000 per year! According to Brian Crowe, Executive Vice President of Economic Development at the Greater Des Moines Partnership, the Des Moines Industrial Transloading Facility “will be instrumental for Greater Des Moines’ current and future business growth, particularly for manufacturing, logistics, and distribution companies that need healthy supply chain connectivity.”

The Des Moines Transloading Facility is a collaboration between Des Moines Industrial, Des Moines Area Metropolitan Planning Organization, the City of Des Moines, Greater Des Moines Partnership, Iowa Department of Transportation, and the Federal Railroad Administration. Erin Olson-Douglas, Development Services Director for the City of Des Moines, noted: “This is a rare opportunity to utilize a sweet spot of railroad carrier convergence on an underutilized site that is proximate to major street and highway corridors.” There was a clear need for this type of facility. The logistics, supply chain, and cost advantage are benefits, as is a reduction in carbon emissions through the use of rail shipping. Erin Olson-Douglas furthered: “Des Moines is proud to be the community of choice to host this facility, and we look forward to its future success.”  

Des Moines’ innovations are attracting businesses to the area. I’d love to talk more about innovative things happening in our neighborhoods. Feel free to contact me about how your commercial real estate development might fit into the thriving economic environment in and around Des Moines.

Portions of my blog reference Midwest Contractor’s article “Construction Begins on Des Moines Industrial Transloading Facility. Link here:

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